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Chinning Guide for Old School RuneScape

Are you looking to level up your Ranged skill in Old School RuneScape? Chinning can be a highly effective method to train Ranged while also earning experience points. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of chinning and provide all the information you need to get started.

What is Chinning?

Chinning refers to using chinchompas, explosive creatures found in the game, as a weapon to hit multiple enemies at once. This method is commonly used in certain areas where there are clusters of monsters, allowing you to deal damage to multiple targets simultaneously.

Requirements and Items Needed

Before you start chinning, there are a few requirements and items you should have:

  • Ranged Level: To begin chinning, it is recommended to have at least level 75 Ranged.
  • Chinchompas: You will need to acquire chinchompas from the Grand Exchange or by catching them with the Hunter skill. The more chinchompas you have, the longer you can chin without restocking.
  • Prayer Points: Bringing prayer potions or having access to the Preserve prayer can help extend your chinning trips by restoring Prayer Points.
  • Ammunition: Ensure you have enough Ranged ammunition, such as bolts or arrows, depending on your chosen ranged weapon.

Chinning Locations

There are several locations in Old School RuneScape where you can effectively use chinchompas to train your Ranged skill. Some popular spots include:

  1. MM2 Tunnels: Located within the Monkey Madness II quest area, these tunnels are often considered the best spot for chinning due to the high concentration of monkeys.
  2. Ape Atoll Dungeon: Another location within the Monkey Madness II quest area, this dungeon provides an alternative spot with slightly lower experience rates but can be less crowded.
  3. Skeleton Monkeys in the Stronghold of Security: This area requires completing the Stronghold of Security minigame and offers a viable chinning spot for players who prefer not to do the Monkey Madness II quest.

Chinning Method

Now that you have the necessary requirements and chosen a location, let's dive into the chinning method:

  1. Gear Setup: Equip your best ranged gear, such as Armadyl armor or Karil's crossbow, for increased accuracy and damage. Consider bringing prayer-boosting gear if using prayers.
  2. Inventory Setup: Bring enough chinchompas and ammunition to last for your desired chinning session. Don't forget to include food for healing if needed.
  3. Approach the Location: Travel to your chosen chinning location and find a suitable area with a cluster of monsters.
  4. Activate Protection Prayers or Curses: If desired, activate the appropriate protection prayer or curse to minimize incoming damage from the monsters.
  5. Deploy Chinchompas: Start attacking the monsters by throwing chinchompas at them. Ensure you are standing in a position where the chinchompas hit multiple targets.
  6. Monitor Resources: Keep an eye on your ammunition and chinchompa supplies. Restock when necessary to maintain your XP rates per hour.
  7. Restock and Repeat: When your resources run low or your trip is complete, restock on chinchompas and ammunition as needed. Then, return to the chinning location and repeat the process.

Experience Rates (Approximate)

The experience rates you can achieve while chinning will depend on various factors, including your Ranged level, gear, and location. Here are some approximate experience rates per hour:

  • Level 75-80 Ranged: 200,000 - 250,000 XP/hour
  • Level 80-90 Ranged: 250,000 - 300,000 XP/hour
  • Level 90+ Ranged: 300,000+ XP/hour

Remember that these rates may vary based on personal factors and efficiency.


Chinning is a powerful method to train your Ranged skill in Old School RuneScape. It allows you to hit multiple enemies simultaneously, resulting in fast experience gains. With the right requirements, items, and location, you can achieve impressive XP rates per hour while enjoying the game. So grab your chinchompas, gear up, and start chinning your way to higher Ranged levels!

Note: This guide assumes basic knowledge of Old School RuneScape mechanics and terms.