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Ironman Guide for Old School RuneScape

Welcome to the Ironman Guide for Old School RuneScape! If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience, then playing as an Ironman is perfect for you. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to get started and thrive in Ironman mode.

What is Ironman Mode?

Ironman mode in Old School RuneScape is a game mode where you have to be self-sufficient and cannot trade with other players. This means you'll need to gather resources, craft items, and defeat monsters on your own. It's a true test of your skills and knowledge of the game.

Creating an Ironman Account

To begin your Ironman journey, create a new account or convert an existing one into an Ironman account. When creating a new account, select the "Ironman" option during character creation. If you want to convert an existing account to Ironman, speak to the Iron Man tutors located in Lumbridge, Edgeville, or Taverley.

Early Game Goals

After creating your Ironman account, it's time to set some early game goals. Here are a few important tasks to focus on:

  1. Questing: Quests provide valuable rewards, experience points (XP), and unlock new areas. Aim to complete quests such as "Waterfall Quest" and "Tree Gnome Village" early on.
  2. Training Combat: Train your combat skills by fighting monsters. Start with low-level creatures like goblins and cows and work your way up. The "Rock Crabs" found on the northern coast of Rellekka are excellent training targets.
    • XP Rates per Hour: Approximately 20,000 Attack/Strength/Defense XP per hour.
  3. Skilling: Focus on essential skills like Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining to gather resources for future use.
    • XP Rates per Hour: Vary depending on the skill, but expect around 10,000-20,000 XP per hour in the early stages.

Mid to Late Game Goals

As you progress further, your Ironman journey becomes more challenging, but the rewards are greater. Here are some goals to work towards:

  1. Unlocking Ancients Spellbook: Complete the "Desert Treasure" quest to unlock the powerful Ancient Magicks spellbook.
    • Requirements: Combat stats around level 70, completion of several prerequisite quests.
  2. Barrows Gear: The Barrows minigame offers powerful armor sets. Aim to collect all six pieces to boost your combat effectiveness.
    • Requirements: Mid to high-level combat skills and completion of the "Priest in Peril" quest.
  3. Dragon Slayer II: This grandmaster quest unlocks access to new areas and rewards you with the Dragonfire Shield—a highly coveted item.
    • Requirements: High combat levels, completion of various prerequisite quests.
  4. Raids: Participate in Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood raids for a chance at obtaining rare and valuable items.
    • Requirements: High combat levels and good understanding of boss mechanics.

Additional Tips

  • Efficiency: Time management is crucial in Ironman mode. Plan your activities carefully and aim for maximum efficiency.
  • Clan Chat: Join an Ironman-focused clan chat to connect with other Ironmen, ask questions, and share tips.
  • Quest Guides: Utilize online quest guides to help you navigate through quests efficiently.
  • Ironman Community: Engage with the Old School RuneScape Ironman community through forums, Reddit, and social media. You'll find helpful resources and fellow players to connect with.

Remember, the journey in Ironman mode is all about self-reliance, determination, and the satisfaction of achieving your goals on your own. Best of luck in your Ironman adventures in Old School RuneScape!

Note: XP rates per hour mentioned are approximate estimates and can vary based on individual gameplay style and efficiency.