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Mastering the ZMI Runecrafting Method in Old School RuneScape

Note: This blog post provides a detailed guide on the ZMI (Ourania) Runecrafting method in Old School RuneScape. Read on to learn how to efficiently train your Runecrafting skill and maximize experience gains.

Are you an aspiring Runecrafter seeking to level up your skills in Old School RuneScape? Look no further! In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of the ZMI (Ourania) Runecrafting method, a popular training method among players looking to gain significant experience rates per hour.

What is the ZMI Runecrafting Method?

The ZMI (Ourania) Runecrafting method takes place at the Ourania Altar, located in the northern part of the Great Kourend. This method allows players to create multiple types of runes simultaneously, providing a faster experience rate compared to traditional Runecrafting methods.


To embark on your ZMI Runecrafting journey, you need the following requirements:

  1. Runecrafting Level: The minimum requirement to access the Ourania Altar is level 71 Runecrafting.
  2. Access to the Ourania Altar: To reach the Ourania Altar, complete the "Enter the Abyss" miniquest. This unlocks access to the Abyss, a transportation method used to reach the altar quickly.

Items Needed

Before heading to the Ourania Altar, ensure you have the following essential items:

  1. Pure Essence: Load your inventory with pure essence, which will be used to craft the runes. The number of essence required depends on your desired duration of training.
  2. Weight-Reducing Gear: Wearing weight-reducing gear, such as the Graceful outfit or Penance Gloves, helps increase your run energy and overall efficiency during runs.
  3. Runecrafting Pouches: Obtain small, medium, large, and giant Runecrafting pouches from the Abyssal creatures near the Ourania Altar. These pouches can store extra essence, saving inventory space and allowing longer training sessions.

Getting to the Ourania Altar

To begin your ZMI Runecrafting journey, follow these steps:

  1. Equip your weight-reducing gear.
  2. Head to the Zamorak Mage near the Wilderness ditch, located south of the Edgeville bank.
  3. Talk to the Zamorak Mage and choose the "Teleport" option. This will transport you directly to the Abyss.
  4. Enter the Abyss and traverse through its maze-like corridors until you reach the Ourania Altar entrance.
  5. Once at the altar, right-click on it and select "Craft-rune" to bring up the interface for rune selection.

Crafting Runes at the Ourania Altar

Now that you've arrived at the Ourania Altar, let's dive into crafting runes using the ZMI method:

  1. In the rune selection interface, choose the runes you wish to craft by clicking on them. You can select up to three different types of runes.
  2. After selecting the runes, click on the "Craft All" button to begin crafting.
  3. Your character will automatically start crafting the selected runes until your essence is depleted or you manually interrupt the process.
  4. While crafting runes, periodically check your pouches' status. Right-click on each pouch and select "Check" to see how many essence it contains. If a pouch is empty, right-click on it and choose "Fill" to replenish it with essence.
  5. Continue crafting runes until you run out of essence or decide to stop.

Experience Rates and Tips

The ZMI Runecrafting method offers varying experience rates per hour depending on your Runecrafting level and efficiency. Here are some guidelines to maximize your experience gains:

  • At level 71 Runecrafting, expect to achieve approximately 26k-30k experience per hour.
  • As you progress to higher levels (e.g., 77-91), you can reach experience rates of about 38k-42k per hour.
  • Utilize Stamina Potions: If you have access to Stamina Potions, consume them periodically to restore your run energy faster, allowing for quicker runs between essence trips.
  • Upgrade Your Pouches: Unlock and use larger pouches as soon as possible to reduce the frequency at which you need to refill them.
  • Train During Off-Peak Times: To minimize potential competition and interruptions, consider training during off-peak hours when the Ourania Altar is less crowded.