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OSRS 2018 Christmas Event Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for the 2018 Christmas Event in Old School RuneScape! In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to successfully complete this festive event. Let's dive in!

Event Overview

The 2018 Christmas Event in OSRS is a fun-filled holiday-themed quest that allows players to engage in various activities and earn exciting rewards. The event takes place in Varrock, specifically at the Grand Exchange. Make sure to bring along your holiday cheer!


To participate in the 2018 Christmas Event, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Cook's Assistant quest.
  2. Have at least level 10 Cooking.

If you haven't met these prerequisites yet, focus on completing the Cook's Assistant quest and leveling up your Cooking skill to ensure you're ready for the festivities!

Starting the Event

To begin the 2018 Christmas Event, head over to the Grand Exchange in Varrock. Look for Santa Claus, who will be standing near the central fountain. Talk to him, and he'll provide you with all the necessary details about the event. Listen carefully to his instructions to progress further.

Gathering Items

During the event, you'll need to gather specific items to proceed. Here's a list of required items and how to obtain them:

  1. Redberries: You can find Redberry bushes east of Varrock. Simply pick some Redberries from the bushes.
  2. Onion: Visit the Draynor Village market and search the crates to find an Onion.
  3. Bucket of Water: Obtain an empty bucket and fill it with water from any water source, such as a well or a sink.

Ensure you have these items in your inventory before advancing, as they are crucial for the event's progression.

The Event

Once you have collected all the necessary items, return to Santa Claus at the Grand Exchange. Speak to him again, and he will guide you through the event's various stages. Follow his instructions closely and complete the tasks he assigns you.

The event involves helping Santa Claus prepare for his annual gift delivery by concocting a magical potion. You'll need to combine the Redberries, Onion, and Bucket of Water to create this special brew. Santa will provide you with a cauldron for the mixing process.

To mix the ingredients, use the Redberries on the Cauldron, followed by the Onion and then the Bucket of Water. The order is essential, so make sure to follow it accurately.


Completing the 2018 Christmas Event grants you several rewards, including experience points (XP) and cosmetic items. Here are the rewards you can expect:

  1. Christmas Cracker: Receive a Christmas Cracker, which you can use to celebrate with other players during the holiday season.
  2. Magic XP Lamp: Gain an XP lamp that provides experience points in a skill of your choice. Use it wisely to boost your progress!
  3. Santa Costume: Obtain a Santa costume, allowing you to dress up as Santa Claus and spread joy around Gielinor.
  4. Event-specific Emotes: Unlock unique emotes related to the event, enabling you to express yourself festively.


Congratulations! You've successfully completed the 2018 Christmas Event in Old School RuneScape. We hope this guide has helped you navigate through the event with ease and enjoy the festive spirit. Don't forget to show off your rewards and share the holiday cheer with your fellow adventurers!

Remember, Old School RuneScape hosts annual Christmas events, each with its own unique storyline and rewards. Stay tuned for future holiday events and continue to explore the vast world of Gielinor!

Note: The 2018 Christmas Event guide provided here is accurate as of the publication date (September 2021). Please make sure to check for any potential updates or changes before participating in the event.