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Mastering the Art of Chinning in Old School RuneScape


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), chinning is a popular method for training Ranged skill and gaining experience quickly. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about chinning, including the required items, recommended levels, and efficient strategies. Let's dive in!

What is Chinning?

Chinning refers to using the "Chinchompa" ranged weapon to attack groups of monsters simultaneously, dealing area-of-effect damage and earning experience points efficiently. It is particularly effective in training the Ranged skill at higher levels.


Before embarking on your chinning journey, ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Ranged level: To begin chinning, you should have at least level 75 Ranged. Higher Ranged levels will yield better XP rates per hour.

  2. Completion of quests: Some areas where chinning is most effective require specific quest completions. The ideal quests to complete are "Monkey Madness II" and "The Western Provinces Diary."

  3. Items needed: The essential items for chinning are:

    • Chinchompas: Red chinchompas are the most commonly used type. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to bring at least 1,000 chinchompas per hour.
    • Ammunition: Dragon bolts or broad-tipped bolts are suitable choices for chinning.
    • Prayer potions: These restore Prayer points, which are essential for activating the Protect from Missiles prayer in certain areas.

Choosing the Right Location

Selecting the appropriate location for chinning significantly affects your XP rates. Here are some recommended areas:

  1. MM2 Tunnels: After completing the "Monkey Madness II" quest, you can access the MM2 tunnels, which offer excellent XP rates. Make sure to bring a light source and use a bone crossbow and bone bolts for these tunnels.

  2. Ape Atoll Dungeon: Accessible after the completion of "Monkey Madness I," this location is great for mid-level chinning. Bring Monkey Greegrees to avoid getting attacked by aggressive monkeys.

  3. Nieves Catacombs: After completing the "The Western Provinces Diary," you can access Nieves Catacombs. This area is an alternative for players who don't have access to MM2 tunnels or prefer different scenery.

Chinning Strategies

Once you're ready with the requirements and location, follow these strategies to optimize your chinning sessions:

  1. Gear setup: Equip the best Ranged gear available to you, including the Void Knight set if you have it. A good setup includes an armadyl helmet, snakeskin boots, amulet of glory, and Ava's accumulator.

  2. Prayer usage: Activate Protect from Missiles prayer whenever possible to reduce the damage taken.

  3. Positioning: Position yourself in an area where multiple monsters gather. Ensure they are within the explosion radius of your chinchompas.

  4. Attacking: Keep auto-retaliate on and attack one monster manually to initiate combat. Once engaged, throw your chinchompas to deal damage to all nearby monsters.

  5. Inventory management: Bring enough chinchompas, ammunition, and prayer potions to sustain your chinning sessions. Use the Rapid Heal prayer to minimize food consumption.

XP Rates per Hour

The XP rates while chinning vary depending on your Ranged level, location, and efficiency. On average, players can expect around 300,000 to 600,000 Ranged XP per hour while chinning.


Chinning is an effective method for training the Ranged skill quickly in Old School RuneScape. By following the recommendations outlined in this guide, you can maximize your XP rates and progress your character efficiently. Remember to check the requirements, choose the right location, and implement the suggested strategies. Best of luck on your chinning adventures!