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Old School RuneScape Halloween Event 2017 Guide


Welcome to the Old School RuneScape Halloween Event 2017 guide! In this article, we'll provide you with a detailed walkthrough of the Halloween event that took place in 2017. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will help you complete the event and earn some exciting rewards. Let's dive in!


The 2017 Halloween event in Old School RuneScape was called "Halloween Surprise." It involved helping Rick in his pumpkin patch by defeating evil scarecrows and collecting pumpkin tokens. These tokens could be exchanged for unique Halloween-themed rewards. The event took place in Draynor Manor, located north-west of Draynor Village.


Before starting the Halloween event, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Membership: You must be a member of Old School RuneScape to access the event.
  • Combat level of at least 40: Some combat is involved in fighting the scarecrows.

Getting Started

To begin the Halloween event, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Draynor Manor, northwest of Draynor Village.
  2. Talk to Rick, the gardener, located outside the Manor's fence.
  3. Ask Rick if he needs any help with the pumpkins.
  4. He will explain that the pumpkins are being attacked by evil scarecrows and request your assistance.

Defeating Scarecrows

Now that you've accepted Rick's request, it's time to defeat the evil scarecrows. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Manor through the front door.
  2. Head down the stairs to the basement.
  3. You'll find yourself in a room with multiple scarecrows.
  4. Equip your weapons and engage in combat with the scarecrows.
    • XP Rates per Hour: Vary depending on your combat level and equipment.

Collecting Pumpkin Tokens

After defeating the scarecrows, it's time to collect pumpkin tokens. Follow these steps:

  1. Leave the basement and return to Rick outside the Manor.
  2. Speak to Rick and choose the option "I defeated your scarecrows, can I have a reward?"
  3. Rick will give you a pumpkin bag.
  4. Equip the pumpkin bag in your hand slot.
  5. Return to the basement of Draynor Manor.
  6. Click on the piles of leaves scattered around the room to collect pumpkin tokens.

Pumpkin Token Rewards

Once you've collected enough pumpkin tokens, head back to Rick and exchange them for rewards. Here are some of the rewards available:

  • Pumpkin amulet
  • Pumpkin lantern
  • Skeleton outfit
  • Jack lantern mask

Keep collecting tokens if you want to unlock all the rewards! Each item will cost a certain number of tokens.


Congratulations! You've completed the Halloween event in Old School RuneScape for 2017. We hope this guide has been helpful in assisting you through the event and earning those spooky rewards. Remember to check for future Halloween events in the game and enjoy the festive celebrations. Happy gaming!

Note: The information provided in this guide is specific to the Halloween event that occurred in 2017, and details may vary for subsequent events.

Please note that XP rates per hour can vary based on individual gameplay factors and may not be accurately represented in this guide.