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A Comprehensive Guide to Nightmare Zone in Old School RuneScape

Nightmare Zone (NMZ) is a popular training method in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to hone their combat skills and earn experience points efficiently. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of NMZ, including how to access it, the best strategies, recommended quests, and the rewards it offers.

What is Nightmare Zone?

Nightmare Zone is a mini-game located in Yanille where players can engage in combat scenarios against a variety of bosses. It provides a safe environment for training combat skills, as players do not lose any items upon death. The key to success in NMZ lies in selecting suitable bosses and utilizing certain potions to enhance your abilities.

Accessing Nightmare Zone

To access Nightmare Zone, you must complete five quests: Lost City, Mountain Daughter, Vampire Slayer, Fight Arena, and Tree Gnome Village. Once these quests are completed, head to Yanille and enter the building with a red portal icon on the minimap.

Setting Up Your Nightmare Zone Session

  1. Talk to Dominic Onion inside the building to customize your session.
  2. Choose the bosses you want to fight by clicking on the "Custom" option. The recommended bosses for maximum experience per hour (XP/hr) are Count Draynor, King Roald, Me, Sand Snake, and Jungle Demon.
  3. Select your preferred rumble mode, which determines whether you face the bosses alone or alongside other players. For optimal XP/hr, choose Hard Mode.
  4. Purchase sufficient quantities of Overload potions and absorptions from NMZ reward points. These potions significantly boost your stats and reduce incoming damage. Aim to have around 15 Overload potions and the rest in absorptions.

Training Strategies

Once inside NMZ, follow these strategies to maximize your training efficiency:

  1. Drinking Overload Potions: Consume an Overload potion every five minutes to maintain boosted stats.
  2. Using Absorption Potions: Sip absorption potions until you reach a maximum absorption value of 1000. These potions soak up damage for you, making fights easier.
  3. Flicking Rapid Heal: By turning on the "Rapid Heal" prayer and quickly flicking it off between certain intervals, you can prevent your Hitpoints from regenerating, thus prolonging your training session.
  4. Staying Alive: To ensure longer sessions, periodically drink additional doses of absorptions when your points drop below 100 or whenever necessary. Also, be aware of boss mechanics and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  5. Resetting Your Session: After using up all your absorptions and resources, leave the dream and talk to Dominic Onion to reset your session. This allows you to start fresh with full supplies.

Recommended Quests for Optimal NMZ Training

Completing certain quests can improve your Nightmare Zone experience by unlocking useful bosses and imbued items. Here are some key quests to consider:

  • Monkey Madness II: Unlocks the powerful Demonic Gorillas boss and allows you to imbue various rings for combat bonuses.
  • Dream Mentor: Enables you to fight Me, a boss that provides high experience rates.
  • What Lies Below: Unlocks the King Roald boss, who is another excellent source of experience points.

While these quests are not required, they significantly enhance your NMZ training potential.

Rewards and Benefits

Training in Nightmare Zone offers several rewards and benefits. Here are some notable ones:

  • Magic and Ranged Training: NMZ allows for efficient training of Magic and Ranged combat skills, making it useful for players specializing in those areas.
  • Efficient Melee Training: Combatants can utilize the "Absorption Method" to train melee skills effectively while minimizing costs.
  • Imbued Items: By using Nightmare Zone reward points, you can imbue various rings, such as the Berserker Ring (i) and Archers Ring (i). These imbued items provide significant combat bonuses.
  • Herb Boxes: By spending NMZ reward points, you can purchase herb boxes that contain a variety of valuable herbs, providing an excellent source of income.


Nightmare Zone is a highly effective training method in Old School RuneScape, offering players the opportunity to level up their combat skills quickly. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, selecting appropriate bosses, and utilizing potions, you can achieve impressive XP rates per hour. Remember to complete recommended quests to unlock additional benefits and rewards. Happy training in Nightmare Zone!