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OSRS Optimal Quest Guide for Efficient Progression


Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular online game that offers a vast open world filled with quests and adventures. Quests are an essential part of the game as they provide a structured way to explore the game world, earn experience points (XP), unlock new content, and progress your character. In this guide, we will walk you through an optimal quest guide for efficient progression in OSRS, helping you level up faster and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Understanding Quests in OSRS

Quests in OSRS are diverse and range from simple tasks to complex storylines. Each quest has specific requirements, rewards, and XP bonuses associated with it. By completing quests, you can gain valuable XP in various skills, access new areas, obtain powerful equipment, and even unlock additional quests.

Creating a Quest Plan

To maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary backtracking, it's important to plan your quest progression carefully. Here's how you can create an optimal quest plan:

  1. Set Goals: Determine which quest rewards or unlocks are most beneficial to your playstyle. For example, if you prefer combat, focus on quests that offer XP in combat-related skills or provide access to new weapons and armor.

  2. Identify Requirements: Each quest has certain skill levels, item requirements, and quest prerequisites. Make a list of these requirements so you can efficiently train the required skills or obtain necessary items beforehand.

  3. Group Quests: Look for quests that share similar requirements or locations. By grouping them together, you can save time traveling or training multiple skills simultaneously.

  4. XP Efficiency: Consider the XP rewards given by each quest. Some quests offer significant XP rewards that can help you level up faster in the early stages of the game. Prioritize quests with higher XP rewards to maximize your progress.

Optimal Quest Order for Efficient Progression

Now that you understand the importance of planning, let's dive into an optimal quest guide for efficient progression in OSRS. The following is a suggested order to complete quests, taking into account the requirements, XP rewards, and overall efficiency:

  1. Waterfall Quest: This quest requires no skill or item requirements and provides a significant amount of XP in Attack and Strength. It's an excellent way to jumpstart your combat skills.

  2. Tree Gnome Village: This quest unlocks the Spirit Tree transportation network, which greatly facilitates travel throughout Gielinor. It has low skill requirements and offers decent Attack and Constitution XP.

  3. Fight Arena: With moderate skill requirements, this quest provides substantial XP in Attack, Thieving, and Constitution. It also unlocks the ability to use the Khazard Battlefield teleport.

  4. Grand Tree: This quest grants access to the Grand Tree mine and the gnome glider transportation system. It has moderate requirements and offers useful Agility and Magic XP.

  5. Monkey Madness I: This challenging quest has high skill requirements but rewards you with substantial XP in multiple combat-related skills. It also unlocks the Dragon Scimitar, a powerful weapon.

  6. Recipe for Disaster (Subquests): This quest series consists of multiple subquests, each with its own requirements, but offers a wide range of valuable rewards and XP bonuses across different skills.

  7. Desert Treasure: This quest is quite challenging and requires high skill levels, but it unlocks Ancient Magicks spells and provides significant XP in Magic, Hitpoints, and other combat skills.

  8. Regicide: This quest unlocks the elven city of Lletya and allows you to use the crystal teleport seed. It has high skill requirements and provides XP in multiple combat-related skills.

  9. Roving Elves: This quest follows the storyline of the previous quest, Regicide, and offers additional rewards, including XP in Ranged and Agility.

  10. Monkey Madness II: The sequel to Monkey Madness I, this quest has high skill requirements but provides substantial XP in a variety of combat-related skills. It also unlocks the Dragon Scimitar upgrade, the Dragon Crossbow, and the Ballista.


By following this optimal quest guide for efficient progression in OSRS, you can level up your character quickly, unlock valuable rewards and content, and have an enjoyable experience exploring the world of Gielinor. Remember to plan your quests, prioritize XP efficiency, and make use of resources such as online guides and quest requirements trackers. Good luck on your questing journey in Old School RuneScape!