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Comprehensive Guide to P2P Fishing in Old School RuneScape

Are you ready to dive into the world of fishing in Old School RuneScape? Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your fishing journey, this comprehensive guide will provide all the information you need to become a master angler. In this guide, we'll cover various profitable and efficient methods for P2P (pay-to-play) players, including experience rates per hour, items needed, and requirements.

Basic Fishing Tools

Before you can start your fishing adventures, there are a few essential tools you'll need:

  1. Fishing Rod: Used for most types of fishing. You can obtain one from various fishing shops or through quests.
  2. Fishing Bait: Required when using a fishing rod for certain fish species. It can be purchased from fishing shops or obtained as drops from monsters.
  3. Big Net: Used for net fishing to catch multiple fish at once. You can buy it from fishing shops.
  4. Harpoon: Essential for catching big fish species like sharks and swordfish. Harpoons can be bought from fishing shops or obtained during certain quests.

Training Methods

1. Shrimp/Anchovies Fishing

Level Required: None

Experience per Hour: Approximately 5,000 XP/Hour

To get started, head to Draynor Village with your fishing rod and some bait. Look for the fishing spot near the bank and start fishing for shrimps or anchovies. This method is great for low-level players who want to gain some initial fishing experience quickly.

2. Trout/Salmon Fishing

Level Required: 20 Fishing

Experience per Hour: Approximately 15,000 XP/Hour

Once you reach level 20 Fishing, head to the River Lum in the south-east of Varrock. Equip your fishing rod and start catching trout and salmon. You can also use feathers as bait, which can be obtained from fishing shops or by killing chickens.

3. Lobster Fishing

Level Required: 40 Fishing

Experience per Hour: Approximately 25,000 XP/Hour

At level 40 Fishing, you can start catching lobsters. Travel to Karamja by taking a ship from Port Sarim and head to the fishing spots located on the northern shore of the island. Use your lobster pot with bait to catch these tasty crustaceans.

4. Monkfish Fishing

Level Required: 62 Fishing

Experience per Hour: Approximately 35,000 XP/Hour

When you hit level 62 Fishing, it's time to venture to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Equip your small fishing net and start catching monkfish, which provide fantastic experience rates. This method is popular among players looking for good profit and decent experience gains.

5. Shark Fishing

Level Required: 76 Fishing

Experience per Hour: Approximately 45,000 XP/Hour

For those seeking even greater challenges and rewards, shark fishing becomes available at level 76 Fishing. Head to one of the shark fishing spots, such as Catherby or the Fishing Guild. Use your harpoon on the spot to catch sharks, which are highly sought after for their value and healing properties.

Additional Tips

  • Quests: Completing fishing-related quests, such as "Sea Slug" and "Fishing Contest," can provide additional experience and unlock new fishing areas.
  • Outfit: Consider obtaining the Angler's Outfit from the "Angler's Fishing Treasure" minigame. It provides a small experience boost and additional benefits while fishing.
  • Food: Bringing food, especially at lower levels, can help you restore health points if attacked by aggressive monsters near fishing spots.
  • Fishing Guild: Once you reach level 68 Fishing, you can access the Fishing Guild, which offers various benefits like bank access and a cooking range.

With this comprehensive guide, you're now equipped with the knowledge to embark on your P2P fishing journey in Old School RuneScape. Remember to upgrade your fishing equipment as you progress and explore different fishing locations to keep the adventure exciting. Good luck, and may your catches be bountiful!