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Mastering the Art of Thieving in Old School RuneScape

Thieving is a crucial skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to pilfer valuable items and coins from non-player characters (NPCs), chests, and stalls. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the art of thieving and provide you with tips and strategies to become a master thief. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player looking to level up your thieving skills, this guide has got you covered!

Getting Started

To start your thieving journey, head over to the city of Lumbridge and locate the Thieves' Guild. The guild serves as an excellent starting point for beginners and offers various training options. Talk to Darren Lightfinger inside the guild to receive essential information about thieving.

Training Methods

Levels 1-5: Cake Stall Method

At low levels, stealing from cake stalls is an effective way to gain experience. Visit the Ardougne marketplace and locate the Baker's Stall. Click on it to steal cakes repetitively. These delicious treats can also be consumed to replenish health if necessary.


  • None

XP Rates per Hour: Approximately 2,000 XP per hour

Levels 5-25: Tea Stall Method

After reaching level 5, you can upgrade to stealing from tea stalls. Head to the Varrock marketplace where you'll find the Tea Stall. Interact with it to snatch cups of tea quickly.


  • None

XP Rates per Hour: Roughly 6,000 XP per hour

Levels 25-45: Fruit Stall Method

Once you've reached level 25, it's time to move on to fruit stalls. Head over to the Hosidius marketplace in Great Kourend and locate the Fruit Stall. Click on it to steal various fruits.


  • None

XP Rates per Hour: Approximately 15,000 XP per hour

Levels 45-62: Silk Stall Method

At level 45, you can progress to stealing from silk stalls. Travel to Ardougne and find the Silk Stall in the marketplace. Steal silk repeatedly to gain experience.


  • None

XP Rates per Hour: Roughly 24,000 XP per hour

Levels 62-91: Pyramid Plunder Method

For more advanced players, Pyramid Plunder offers substantial thieving experience. To access this minigame, travel to Sophanem and enter the city's pyramid. Your goal is to loot artifacts while avoiding traps and mummies.


  • Completion of the 'Icthlarin's Little Helper' quest
  • Adequate combat gear and food for surviving encounters

XP Rates per Hour: Varies based on skill and efficiency; approximately 80,000 XP per hour is achievable at higher levels

Levels 91+: Ardougne Knights Method

Once you've reached level 91, it's time to showcase your expertise by pickpocketing Ardougne Knights. These NPCs can be found in the Ardougne Castle courtyard. Make sure to equip a full set of Ardougne Knight armor obtained from the Rogue's Den miniquest for improved success rates.


  • Completion of the 'Rogue's Den' miniquest
  • Full Ardougne Knight armor (equipped)

XP Rates per Hour: Approximately 250,000 XP per hour

Additional Tips

  • Always bring food with you while training thieving, as some methods may result in damage taken.
  • Use thieving boosting items such as the Ardougne Cloak and Gloves of Silence to increase success rates while pickpocketing.
  • Consider training agility alongside thieving, as it unlocks shortcuts that can expedite your travel between thieving locations.
  • Completing the 'Fremennik Isles' quest allows you to steal from fish stalls in Rellekka for a change of scenery.

With these tips and methods at your disposal, you're equipped to embark on an exciting journey as a master thief in Old School RuneScape. Make sure to enjoy the thrill of stealing while amassing wealth and experience!

Remember, thieving is an art best practiced ethically within the game world of OSRS. Happy stealing, adventurer!