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Mastering Wintertodt: An Old School RuneScape Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on tackling Wintertodt in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). In this guide, we will dive into the details of this unique boss encounter, providing you with everything you need to know to master the icy challenges and reap great rewards. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned adventurer looking to level up your Firemaking skill, this guide has got you covered!

What is Wintertodt?

Wintertodt is a boss monster found in the snowy region of Great Kourend. It is a powerful elemental entity that must be defeated by teams of players working together. This encounter offers a thrilling challenge for those seeking both experience points and valuable rewards.

Requirements and Recommended Stats

Before venturing into the freezing cold, there are a few requirements and recommended stats to keep in mind:

  • Firemaking: To participate in the fight against Wintertodt, you need a minimum Firemaking level of 50. However, having a higher level will significantly increase your chances of success.
  • Hitpoints: A higher Hitpoints level is advantageous since Wintertodt's attacks can deal substantial damage.
  • Gear and Supplies: Although not mandatory, it is recommended to bring warm clothing like gloves and boots, as well as food such as sharks or other high-healing items.

Strategy and Tactics

To effectively defeat Wintertodt, follow these steps:

  1. Preparing for Battle: Gather the necessary supplies and head to the Wintertodt Camp located north of the Arceuus House in Great Kourend.
  2. Ignition: Approach the Brazier in the center of the camp and use a Bruma torch on it to start the encounter. The boss fight will begin shortly after.
  3. Staying Warm: Throughout the battle, Wintertodt's icy environment will constantly sap your Hitpoints. Stay close to the braziers around the area to reduce the damage taken.
  4. Damage and Repair: Use your axe to chop Bruma roots found nearby and obtain Bruma shards. These are crucial for damaging the boss and repairing the braziers.
  5. Interacting with Braziers: Repair braziers by using Bruma shards on them. This helps keep the damage reduction effect active.
  6. Firemaking: Light the unlit braziers scattered across the area with your tinderbox. Higher Firemaking levels improve your success rates.
  7. Damage Dealing: When the Wintertodt is vulnerable, attack it using Bruma torches or any other source of fire damage.
  8. Teamwork: Coordinate with other players in the area to maximize efficiency and minimize resources used.


By defeating Wintertodt, you can earn various rewards, including:

  • Experience Points: Wintertodt provides substantial Firemaking experience, ranging from around 150,000 to 200,000 experience per hour, depending on your level.
  • Pyromancer Outfit: Completing the encounter multiple times grants a chance to receive pieces of the Pyromancer outfit, which boosts Firemaking experience gains.
  • Supply Crates: After each successful battle, you'll receive supply crates containing valuable resources such as ores, logs, herbs, and seeds.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to take on the frigid challenge of Wintertodt. Remember to gather the necessary gear, prepare your supplies, and work together with other adventurers to emerge victorious. With its rewarding experience rates and valuable loot, Wintertodt is an excellent way to level up your Firemaking skill and obtain sought-after resources in Old School RuneScape.

Now, gather your courage, brave the snow, and embrace the thrill of battling Wintertodt!

Disclaimer: The experience rates mentioned are approximate and may vary based on individual gameplay factors.

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