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The Ultimate 1-99 Fishing Guide for Old School RuneScape


Welcome to the ultimate 1-99 Fishing guide for Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to level up your Fishing skill from level 1 to 99. Fishing is a popular skill in OSRS that allows you to catch fish and other valuable items. So let's grab our fishing rods and dive right into it!

Level 1-20: Shrimp/Anchovies

To start your fishing journey, head to the nearest fishing spot with water, like Lumbridge or Draynor Village. At level 1, you can catch shrimp using a small fishing net. Simply click on the fishing spot and select "Net." Repeat this process until you reach level 15.

Once you hit level 15, upgrade to fishing anchovies. Use the same fishing net, but this time, select "Bait" instead of "Net." Continue catching anchovies until you reach level 20.

XP Rates: Expect around 5,000 XP per hour.

Level 20-48: Trout/Salmon

At level 20, it's time to move on to fly fishing! Head to the River Lum in Lumbridge and equip a fly fishing rod and feathers. Click on the fishing spot, select "Lure/Bait," and start catching trout. Keep catching trout until you reach level 30.

Once you reach level 30, you can start catching salmon at the same fishing spots. This will provide better XP rates and more valuable fish. Continue fly fishing for salmon until you reach level 48.

XP Rates: Expect around 15,000 XP per hour.

Level 48-58: Lobsters

At level 48, it's time to switch to catching lobsters. Head to Karamja and find the fishing spots near Musa Point. Equip a lobster pot and start catching lobsters. This is a popular spot, so you may encounter other players fishing there as well.

XP Rates: Expect around 30,000 XP per hour.

Level 58-76: Swordfish/Tuna

Once you reach level 58, you can start catching swordfish and tuna. Stay at the same fishing spots in Karamja and use a harpoon to catch these larger fish. Swordfish provides better XP rates than tuna but requires a higher Fishing level.

XP Rates: Expect around 45,000 XP per hour for swordfish and 35,000 XP per hour for tuna.

Level 76-99: Monkfish/Sharks

At level 76, you can start catching monkfish, which provide excellent XP rates. Travel to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and equip a small fishing net. Catching monkfish is a bit slower compared to previous methods, but the XP rewards are worth it.

Once you hit level 85, you can start catching sharks, which are highly sought after for their value. Sharks provide the best XP rates in the game but require a high Fishing level to catch.

XP Rates: Expect around 50,000 XP per hour for monkfish and 70,000 XP per hour for sharks.


Congratulations! You've reached the end of our ultimate 1-99 Fishing guide for Old School RuneScape. By following this guide and consistently leveling your Fishing skill, you'll become a master angler in no time. Remember, fishing is not only a great way to earn money but also a relaxing skill that allows you to enjoy RuneScape's scenic locations. Good luck on your fishing journey!