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The Ultimate 1-99 Smithing Guide for Old School RuneScape

Welcome to the ultimate 1-99 Smithing guide for Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! Smithing is a valuable skill that allows you to create various metal items such as weapons, armor, and other useful tools. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of leveling your Smithing skill from level 1 all the way to 99.

Level 1-29: Bronze Bars

To begin your Smithing journey, start by mining copper and tin ores. Once you have gathered both ores, head over to a furnace, which can be found in several locations throughout Gielinor. Examples include Varrock, Falador, and Al Kharid.

Use the furnace to smelt your copper and tin ores into bronze bars. Each bronze bar requires one copper ore and one tin ore. Smelting bronze bars will grant you 6.2 experience points (XP) per bar. Keep smelting bronze bars until you reach level 29 Smithing.

Level 29-40: Iron Bars

At level 29, it's time to move on to iron bars. To make iron bars, you'll need iron ore, which can be obtained by mining iron rocks found in various locations across the game world. Once you have enough iron ore, head back to a furnace.

Smelting iron bars grants 12.5 XP per bar. Continue smelting iron bars until you reach level 40 Smithing.

Level 40-50: Steel Bars

When you hit level 40 Smithing, switch to making steel bars. Steel bars require one iron ore and two coal pieces. Coal can be obtained by mining coal rocks or purchased from other players.

Smelting steel bars grants 17.5 XP per bar. Keep smelting steel bars until you reach level 50 Smithing.

Level 50-70: Mithril Bars

Once you've reached level 50 Smithing, it's time to focus on crafting mithril bars. To create mithril bars, you'll need one mithril ore and four coal pieces. Mithril ore can be mined from mithril rocks found in various locations.

Smelting mithril bars will reward you with 30 XP per bar. Continue smelting mithril bars until you achieve level 70 Smithing.

Level 70-85: Adamant Bars

At level 70 Smithing, you can unlock the ability to smelt adamant bars. Adamant bars require one adamantite ore and six coal pieces. Adamantite ore can be gathered from adamantite rocks found in multiple locations.

Smelting adamant bars yields 37.5 XP per bar. Keep smelting adamant bars until you reach level 85 Smithing.

Level 85-99: Rune Bars

The final stretch of your Smithing journey involves creating rune bars. To make rune bars, you'll need one runite ore and eight coal pieces. Runite ore is obtained by mining runite rocks, which are scarce and found in limited locations.

Smelting rune bars rewards you with 50 XP per bar. Continue smelting rune bars until you reach level 99 Smithing, the pinnacle of this skill.

Additional Tips

  • Quests: Some quests in OSRS grant Smithing XP upon completion. Consider undertaking these quests to gain additional experience and save time.
  • Blast Furnace: The Blast Furnace minigame provides a faster method for smelting bars. This method requires some investment and is particularly effective for training Smithing after level 60.
  • Gear: Wearing a Smithing cape or using the Smithing skillcape perk will grant you additional XP when smelting bars.

By following this 1-99 Smithing guide, you'll be able to efficiently level up your Smithing skill in Old School RuneScape. Remember to keep track of the required materials, aim for higher XP rates per hour, and adjust your strategy as you progress. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a master smith!