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The Ultimate Ironman Guide for Old School RuneScape

Are you ready to embark on a challenging adventure in Old School RuneScape as an Ironman? Ironman mode is a game mode that restricts your trading abilities, requiring you to be entirely self-sufficient. In this guide, we'll provide you with valuable tips, strategies, and essential information to help you thrive as an Ironman in OSRS.

Getting Started

To create an Ironman character, simply select the "Ironman" option when creating a new account. This choice cannot be undone, so make sure you're prepared for the self-sufficiency challenge ahead.

Early Game Goals

As an Ironman, it's crucial to set achievable goals early on. Here are some objectives to focus on initially:

  1. Completing Tutorial Island: This will introduce you to the game mechanics and provide you with basic equipment and supplies.
  2. Training Combat Skills: Defeating monsters like chickens, cows, and goblins will help you level up your combat skills and provide essential resources.
  3. Exploring the World: Familiarize yourself with various areas, as you'll need to know where to find important resources later on.

Questing and Skill Training

Quests play a vital role in an Ironman's progression, offering valuable rewards and unlocking new content. Here are some quests to prioritize:

  • Waterfall Quest: This quest provides a substantial amount of Attack and Strength experience, giving you an excellent combat boost early on.

    • Requirements: None
    • Recommended Stats: 30+ Attack, 30+ Strength
  • Tree Gnome Village: Completing this quest rewards you with experience in Attack and Constitution.

    • Requirements: None
    • Recommended Stats: 35+ Attack
  • Fight Arena: This quest grants you experience in Attack and Strength, helping you level up further.

    • Requirements: None
    • Recommended Stats: 40+ Attack, 40+ Strength

For skill training, consider the following activities:

  • Agility Training: Agility is crucial for accessing various areas and shortcuts. The best early-game method is completing rooftop agility courses in different cities.

    • Recommended Level: 10+ Agility
    • Experience Rates: Varied (e.g., Draynor Rooftop Course: around 8,000 XP per hour)
  • Fishing and Cooking: Fishing provides a reliable source of food, and cooking allows you to prepare it for healing and combat purposes.

    • Recommended Levels: 20+ Fishing, 15+ Cooking
    • Experience Rates: Varied (e.g., Fly Fishing: around 25,000 XP per hour)
  • Smithing and Mining: Mining ores and then smelting them into bars is essential for crafting equipment and progressing your Smithing skill.

    • Recommended Levels: 15+ Mining, 20+ Smithing
    • Experience Rates: Mining (e.g., Iron Ore: around 30,000 XP per hour), Smithing (e.g., Steel Bars: around 30,000 XP per hour)

Gathering Resources

As an Ironman, gathering resources yourself is crucial for self-sufficiency. Here are some important resources to collect:

  • Herbs: Herblore plays a significant role in enhancing your combat effectiveness. Collect herbs by killing monsters or growing them with Farming.

    • Recommended Levels: 30+ Herblore
    • Locations: Various monster drops, farming herb patches
  • Logs: Woodcutting provides logs for Firemaking, Construction, and Fletching. Start with regular trees and progress to more advanced ones as your level increases.

    • Recommended Levels: 15+ Woodcutting
    • Locations: Varied (e.g., Draynor Village, Lumbridge)
  • Ores and Bars: Mining ores and smelting them into bars is crucial for crafting weapons and armor.

    • Recommended Levels: 15+ Mining, 20+ Smithing
    • Locations: Varied (e.g., Al Kharid Mine, Mining Guild)

Combat Training and Gear

Combat is an essential aspect of OSRS, and as an Ironman, you'll need to train your combat skills efficiently. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Melee Combat: Focus on training Attack, Strength, and Defense through slaying monsters and completing quests.

    • Recommended Weapon: Scimitar or Sword
    • Recommended Armor: Platebody/Chainbody, Platelegs, Full Helmet
  • Ranged Combat: Ranged combat offers a versatile playstyle. Train Ranged by killing monsters or completing quests.

    • Recommended Weapon: Shortbow or Crossbow
    • Recommended Armor: Leather or