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The Ultimate Thieving Guide for Old School RuneScape

Thieving is an essential skill in Old School RuneScape that allows players to steal from non-player characters (NPCs) and various stalls or chests. It's a skill that can be profitable and provides access to exclusive content in the game. In this ultimate thieving guide, we will walk you through the basics of thieving, leveling up efficiently, and provide tips and tricks to maximize your gains.

Getting Started

To start your thieving journey, you don't need any specific requirements. However, having a higher agility level will help you navigate the game world faster and access certain areas more easily.

Training Methods

1. Levels 1-5: Pickpocketing Men/Women

At low levels, head to Lumbridge and find the market area where you'll find men and women wandering around. Right-click on them and choose the "Pickpocket" option to attempt stealing coins. At level 5, you can expect to gain around 8 XP per successful pickpocket.

2. Levels 5-25: Stealing Tea Stalls

Once you reach level 5, you can graduate to stealing from tea stalls located in Varrock. Head to East Varrock and look for the tea stall on the east side of the square. Continuously steal from the tea stall until you reach level 25. You'll gain approximately 16 XP per successful loot.

3. Levels 25-38: Cake Stalls

After reaching level 25, make your way to Ardougne and find the cake stalls in the market area. This method is slightly more profitable than the tea stalls and yields around 16.5 XP per successful steal. Keep stealing cakes until you reach level 38.

4. Levels 38-55: Silk Stalls

Head to Ardougne once again and locate the silk stalls in the market area. Stealing from these stalls will yield silk, which can be sold for a decent profit later on. You'll gain approximately 24.5 XP per successful theft.

5. Levels 55-91: Master Farmers

At level 55, it's time to move on to stealing from master farmers. They can be found near Draynor Village or at the Ardougne market. You have a chance to receive valuable seeds by pickpocketing them, which can be sold or used for farming. The XP rate varies based on the seeds obtained.

6. Levels 91-99: Pyramid Plunder

Once you reach level 91, you can access the Pyramid Plunder minigame located in Sophanem. Here, you'll explore the pyramid and search for treasures while avoiding traps. It offers high XP rates and the chance to obtain artifacts that can be exchanged for rewards. The specific XP rates depend on your speed and efficiency within the minigame.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips to enhance your thieving experience:

  1. Bring plenty of food or healing items to sustain yourself during pickpocketing attempts, as some NPCs may retaliate when caught.
  2. Use the "NPC Contact" spell or the Thieving Cape perk to quickly repeat quests or activities related to thieving.
  3. Consider completing the Ardougne Diaries to unlock various perks, such as increased success rates or extra loot chances.
  4. Utilize blackjacking at higher levels (45+) for faster XP gains, but be prepared for temporary knockouts if unsuccessful.
  5. Join a clan or seek advice from experienced players to gain insights and strategies for efficient leveling.

With the knowledge gained from this guide, you should be well-equipped to embark on your thieving journey in Old School RuneScape. Remember to continuously refine your techniques and seek new opportunities to maximize your gains. Good luck, and may your pockets always be full!